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Depressive Disorder of Depression by Design? Guest Lecture at Indianan University

Anti-depressants may do more harm than good


Why Evolutionary Theory is Crucial to the Science and Practice of Mental Health - Lecture at McMaster University

Depression and Analysis

"What If We're Wrong About Depression?" - The New York Times

"McMaster Study Looks at the 'Bright Side' of Depression" – CBC Hamilton

"Rethinking Depression, Part 2" - Ideas, CBC Radio

"Depression’s Upside" – The New York Times

"Depression Defies the Rush to Find an Evolutionary Upside"  The New York Times 

"Depression’s Evolutionary Roots" – Scientific American

"The Upside of Feeling Down" – Newsweek

Coyne’s Critique (Requires Psychiatric Times membership)

Rebuttal to Coyne’s Critique (Requires Psychiatric Times membership)

Antidepressant Medications

Interview with CBC radio show Metro Morning (with Matt Galloway)

Interview with CBC radio show Ontario Morning

“Anti-Depressants Likely Do More Harm Than Good, Study Suggests” – Science Daily

“Anti-depressants may do more harm than good” – The Daily News UK

“Patients Who Use Anti-Depressants Can Be More Likely to Suffer Relapse, Researcher Finds” – Science Daily

“Do antidepressants cause depression? What new study says” – CBS News Online

“Check Up: Depression seen in a positive light” – Philadelphia Inquirer

Fever and Antipyretics

"Pain Relievers May Amplify Flu Spread" - The New York Times

"Before treating, learn fever's boons" - The Chicago Tribune

"Got flu? Keep it to yourself" - The Los Angeles Times

"Fight the Flu, Hurt Society?" - AAAS Science Magazine

"Fever-reducing meds encourage spread of flu: McMaster report" - CBC Hamilton

Sexual Infidelity

“Men have a sharper eye for a love cheat” – New Scientist

“Men ‘better than women at detecting infidelity’” – The Independent

Suicidal Behaviour

“Parents and Children in Conflict” – Psychology Today