Samantha Celli


Undergraduate Thesis Student
B.Sc. Biology & Psychology

I joined Dr. Andrew’s EvoHealth lab at the beginning of my third year of undergraduate studies after stumbling on his paper “The Bright Side of Being Blue” while completing an assignment about the potential causes of depression. I have always been interested in mental health, especially depression, and found his unique evolutionary approach to the mental health field to be extremely eye opening and inspiring.

Over the past few years I have aided in multiple studies including one involving surveillance cues, morality, and depression and another looking at different variables influencing oral contraceptive induced depression. As well, I ran my own undergraduate thesis project hoping to produce more experimental evidence to support the Analytical Rumination Hypothesis by looking at how experimentally induced depression through difficult analytical tasks affected one’s performance on a similar task.

I am grateful for all the excellent experience and knowledge I have gained in this lab and am hoping to apply these skills to post graduate studies in the future.