Juan Lopez Tiboni


Undergraduate Research Assistant
B.Sc. Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour III, Music Cognition Specialization

As a third year student in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (Music Cognition Specialization) here at Mcmaster, I was excited to see that we have groundbreaking research happening right here on campus. I approached Dr. Andrews after stumbling upon this website whilst exploring the cyberspace, and immediately took an interest in his revolutionary ideas regarding Major Depressive Disorder. Nowadays it seems depression is all around us, and most people who read this blurb have likely dealt with it, either directly or indirectly in some way. As a musician, I was interested in seeing where we can apply Dr. Andrews' analytical rumination hypothesis to the emotional content of sad and happy music. If music is just vibrating air then why can some pieces inherently make us feel happy, sad, or anxious? I have been and continue to work on projects within the lab that tackle these ideas of musical emotionality, and i'm happy to say I find it incredibly rewarding!